Decisions, Decisions…

Right or Wrong? Good or Bad?

As humans, we love to categorize our decisions both before and after into right or wrong, good or bad. And that’s perfectly fine as we get through life figuring out what works, what doesn’t, what we like, what we don’t like.

But there are lots of times when we have so many decisions to make, so many options, and such a huge weight on our shoulders to pick the “right” one that judging and categorizing our decisions can actually get in our way! We start not wanting to make decisions or we spend way too much time beating ourselves up every time outcomes turn out negative or not what we had envisioned.

A New Way to Approach Decisions

I’m here to offer a possibility for how to look at it differently… a way that is both Empowering and Freeing!

What if we dropped the way we categorize our decisions and just looked at them as purely… decisions? Neutral. Just twists and turns along the journey. Always categorized as “what I thought best at the time”. Always followed up with “How can I learn from this?”

I love asking myself these questions when I am spinning in indecision:

  • What if there is (or was) no right or wrong decision?
  • What if it is (or was) just a decision?
  • What if even if my decisions lead to failure, I still have my own back no matter what? 
  • What if either way it is a learning opportunity that is supposed to happen, so either way is “right”?

If you can look at your options and know that there is no universal right or wrong, you would be forced to just choose based on what feels best in the moment.  You would no longer be choosing between the “good” choice or the “bad” choice.  You no longer would have to wonder, what if I made the wrong choice? 

How Freeing is that!?

Honestly, think about it for a moment… what if for the rest of your life you would never again define a decision as right or wrong?  You never have to make a bad move, have any guilt or regret, or beat yourself up over a decision.  The decision would just be part of the journey.  The journey would be what was supposed to happen all along.

I encourage you to try on this idea.  You’ll probably notice that you spend less time in decision making and certainly less time in regret.  Spend more time in learning from the experience and moving forward and your life will open up!