Three Steps to Resolving Your Guilt: PART 2

Developing Your Emotional Fuel Welcome to the second step to Resolving Your Guilt over Your Weight Loss Journey.  In my first blog of this series, I describe what some people may be going through as they embark on a weight loss journey when it comes to feeling guilt. I walked you through the preliminary steps… Continue reading Three Steps to Resolving Your Guilt: PART 2

Repetition: A Key To Learning

We Learn by Association, We Remember by Repetition If you are on a journey to change yourself, you have to get comfortable with the idea of repetition or continued practice of new thought loops (Thought-Feeling-Behavior) from both an intellectual and experienced perspective! Knowledge + Experience You may first learn about a skill or subject matter… Continue reading Repetition: A Key To Learning

Food Drama

Lose the Food Drama Has this ever happened to you?  You are sitting in a restaurant, everyone is chit-chatting away about this that and the other thing, and you are helplessly looking at the menu having an argument with yourself about what to order that goes something like this: I really want the cheeseburger and… Continue reading Food Drama