What are you letting in?

In a previous post, I discussed the Personal Perception Lenses that we all have on- our unique way of looking at the world, determining what to focus on, and how to think about situations, events, people, and ourselves. In this post, I want to discuss what information you are letting in or subjecting yourself to… Continue reading What are you letting in?

Feeling Guilty about Working on Your Weight Loss?

Three Steps to Resolving Your Guilt (Three Part Series) PART 1: The Pre-steps & Step #1 Feeling Guilt Do you ever feel guilty for working on your weight loss goals?  You feel like other people might think you are being selfish or that you spend too much time on yourself?  Or you have your own… Continue reading Feeling Guilty about Working on Your Weight Loss?

Tell A Story

This is my first blog post after officially becoming a certified life & weight coach!  Here we go! A tale of two stories I listened to a mastermind webinar this morning that featured Lisa Nichols, who is a motivational speaker and million dollar business owner.  What caught my attention right from the gun was her… Continue reading Tell A Story