Repetition: A Key To Learning

We Learn by Association, We Remember by Repetition If you are on a journey to change yourself, you have to get comfortable with the idea of repetition or continued practice of new thought loops (Thought-Feeling-Behavior) from both an intellectual and experienced perspective! Knowledge + Experience You may first learn about a skill or subject matter… Continue reading Repetition: A Key To Learning

Cheeze-Its: A Tale of a Habit

Cheeze-Its: Crunchy, salty, cheesy bites of cracker that crumble in your mouth and melt on your tongue.  They taste best by the handful.  They don’t need any preparation.  They are quick and easy to grab.  Such a quick relief from stress!  Especially good when you are hungry to boot.  You can just continue to pop… Continue reading Cheeze-Its: A Tale of a Habit