Passion for Living

Welcome to Passion for Living Wellness Coaching! I am taking a limited number of clients right now, so please send me an email if you are interested in coaching!

I am a certified Life & Weight Loss Coach and ACE certified personal trainer- I like to wrap those all up under the title Wellness Coach! My specialties are life coaching, weight loss, emotional management, empowering women to live the life of their dreams, incorporating fitness and vitality into your life, and living more deliberately.

My Clients

Who are my clients? Women who want to lose weight permanently and create a healthy, active lifestyle no matter what life is throwing their way. Got a desk job? Got kids? Got a hectic, busy life with multiple obligations? Surrounded by people whose unhealthy habits seem to rub off on you or prevent you from moving forward? I’VE GOT YOU!!!

My clients are tired of overeating, feeling food-obsessed, going on and off diets, using willpower, and trying a healthy routine but then feeling like they are going against the grain. They want to be healthy, but stress and work and family make it feel impossible. They want to run or walk that first 5K or start working out regularly but have “no motivation.” They want to envision their later years with vitality and energy, but they are so exhausted now that it doesn’t seem possible. If this sounds like you, you are in the right place!

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a beautiful tool that is becoming more popular in our society- and for good reason. We are now in a place where evolving to the next level will take a different set of attitudes and behaviors and understanding to propel us forward through a rapidly changing environment. Our challenges include information overload, historically high stress and depression rates, and fast-paced lifestyles. Life Coaching will teach you tools and ways to think about things that are not taught in schools and have really just been discovered in the past few decades. Positive psychology and neuroplasticity are two subjects that are taking off in terms of research and application that were not heavily studied before. This is an exciting time to learn how you can change your own brain!!

About Me

Just a bit more about me- I have been working in corporate America for just about 20 years. Although it was not my first passion, working in finance was a great fit for my skills in analytics, problem solving, and communicating. But, I knew I had to do something in health and wellness- my absolute lifelong passion. Learning about coaching turned my inner light bulb on full blast! The activities I most enjoyed in my corporate experience was training in small groups and mentoring. So this sounded right up my alley! It took me about two years to decide to commit to the dream of being a life coach. Now I am starting to do it on the side and also bring in some coaching to the WERG (Women’s Employee Resource Group) within my corporate workplace.

My years of life experience have equipped me to help other women who feel stuck reach their full potential and figure out how to do hard things. I have survived and thrived in the cubical world, the corporate matrix, got my MBA while working full time, moved up to management, experienced the full time working mother overload (I have a seven year old daughter), worked in an industry that is very male-dominated, and managed to help my husband with his small business. I do most of the school drop offs and pick ups, doctors and dentist appointments, baths, books, lunches, school projects, and nightmare rescuing. I did all this and still managed to work out 5-6 days a week, maintain a super healthy diet, made home cooked meals nearly every evening, slept 7 hours a night (except during the baby years) and found time for peace, renewal, and happiness. I became an expert on prioritizing and maximizing my time. And I thrived after I figured some things out! I got through the burn out, stress, and overwhelm and worked my way to an extremely peaceful, prosperous place. You can, too.